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I’ve been around a woodshop for most of my life. My dad woodworks as a hobby, and for the first decade of my life, his shop was in the family home’s two-car garage. I spent time helping to sand and various other chores. It was a wonderful introduction to a past-time that would become a career.

When I decided to pursue furniture making professionally, I enrolled at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, MA, graduating in February of 2006. I’ve been building professionally ever since.

My work is primarily commission based. I can work with you to define and design a piece that fulfills your needs. It is a rewarding process that will result in something of beauty to occupy your home or workspace.

When I design for myself, I lean toward forms that express linear simplicity and refinement. Many of the pieces show inspiration from past designers and builders, especially the work of the Greene and Greene brothers of the early 20th century United States.